About us

Radio Major (www.radiomajor.com hereafter service) provides over 20000 radio streams worldwide. The service does not transmit, broadcast and rebroadcast radio stations.

The service has nothing to do with the radio streams passing through the player installed on the site.

The radio stream is played only on the end user's computer via an internet browser. The service provides a database of online streams available from open sources.

If, in your opinion, the playback of any stream violates someone's rights, contact the administration of the service.

Trademarks, signs, logos and the radio streams themselves belong to their respective owners.

Any use of such copyright objects on the service, including the names of the organizations that own them, is for informational purposes.

All materials on the service are for informational purposes only and may not be downloaded or sold.

If you find materials on the service, the copyrights of which you own, and which are used without the consent and reference to their owner, please write to e-mail feedback@radiomajor .com from the official mail domain of the copyright holder.